Would You Rather Have $500K Grow to $4 Million or $8 Million?

If you’re serious about learning how to optimize your assets, minimize your taxes and to empower your authentic wealth, you’d be wise to check out the free educational videos on Doug Andrew’s “3 Dimensional Wealth” YouTube channel.

In today’s episode, Doug explores a question he regularly asks his students: Would you rather have $500,000 grow to $4 million or $8 Million? That’s a no-brainer for most folks but few people understand that he’s being serious and wants to teach you how it’s possible.


  • Why is tax-free savings and distribution so essential upon reaching retirement? Doug explains how those who take the tax-deferred route will see a third or more of their money disappear when they access it.
  • How can you face market downturns with confidence that your principal is safe from market volatility? Learn how Doug’s preferred savings vehicle protects during downturns yet rewards during market growth.
  • What causes so many people to miss out on the fortune that they could have had? Doug shares the most common mistakes people make that led him to write his first best-selling book Missed Fortune.
  • Why do so many people buy and sell at the wrong times when trying to time the stock market? Doug warns against this common error and offers a better way to enjoy more predictable rates of return.
  • How can you beat the rate of inflation when it’s on the rise? Discover Doug’s favorite strategies to protect your money especially after you’ve reached retirement.
  • What gives the IUL a gigantic edge over an IRA or a 401(k) when it comes to saving for the future? Doug lays out the advantages of the max-funded, indexed IUL over other ways of saving.
  • And much, much more…

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