What are the 3 Dimensions of Wealth?

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About Doug Andrew

Doug Andrew established his financial practice in 1974 and quickly established a reputation as a trusted and passionate financial strategist. In 1982, Doug and his wife Sharee experienced a “defining moment” that changed their lives forever. They went from a six-figure income and owning their dream home, to financially losing their house and starting over again.

This experience changed the way Doug and Sharee not only handled their own finances, but also the advice Doug gave to his clients. He no longer took all traditional financial advice as fact—he adamantly refused to “follow the crowd” with his money, just because everyone else was doing it. Instead he delved into extensive research to uncover sound financial principles and tools, what he now calls “The Swing and the Clubs”.

This search led Doug to develop his unique and powerful financial philosophy of liquidity, safety, and rate of return. He teaches that financial liquidity (having access to your money when you need it) is paramount to surviving the storms of life. He contends that safety of principal (avoiding loss of financial principal due to market volatility) is absolutely necessary, no matter how undervalued it may be by “the crowd” of financial advisors.

Doug is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author. Doug wrote his original book, Missed Fortune and was quickly thrust on to the national stage with his Missed Fortune book series. This successful series includes Missed Fortune 101 (business best-seller), The Last Chance Millionaire (New York Times best-seller and Wall Street Journal #1), and Millionaire by Thirty (written with his two sons Emron and Aaron). He has since written Entitlement Abolition which focuses on helping families and businesses balance what Doug calls all 3 Dimensions of Authentic Wealth. Doug’s latest and best selling book The LASER Fund has quickly become the go-to-guide on max-funded universal life insurance contracts for both financial professionals and the general public alike.

Not only has Doug become a pioneer in the field of max-funded, tax-advantaged insurance (The LASER Fund) he has become a nationally recognized consumer advocate for the benefits of utilizing and understanding max-funded insurance contracts.

In 40 plus years of working with some of the nations wealthiest, Doug noticed some concerning symptoms. Families who were adept at accruing financial wealth were often bankrupt in other areas of life. Otherwise well-meaning parents were dumping vast stores of fish in their children’s laps, without teaching them how to fish. Others were allowing their children to crack the nest egg early, leaving everyone with less in the years they would need it most.

The diagnosis: entitlement.

The remedy: entitlement abolition.

Through Doug’s multi-faceted prescription, he has helped families achieve greater balance with the Three Dimensions of Authentic Wealth. He has assisted them in establishing a Legacy Bank where they can deposit and distribute KASH (Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits). He has taught families to thrive through greater responsibility, accountability and ownership; he has empowered families and even workgroups to be united rather than divided; and he has helped people cultivate abundance not just today, but for generations to come.

As a continual learner, Doug Andrew currently collaborates with some of the top entrepreneurial think tanks in the country. You can read more about Doug Andrew here.

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