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“I'm a C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) in Salt Lake City. I've been a CFO, in the retail sector, start-ups and currently have a CPA practice. I came across Doug's book about 12 years ago and put it on my shelf. I never finished it. About three years ago I picked it back up and read it. I could have cursed myself for how many years I lost. I could have been enjoying the benefits of maximum-funded insurance a long time ago.”

Jim W.

“Mr. Andrew is a top notch presenter using humor and specific examples when necessary to get a point across. Very informative and revealed, among other things, tax code information that I had not heard of from other financial advisers. All my expectations were met and surpassed and I recommended this to others."

Derrick H.

“Doug Andrew presented information we all needed 20 years ago! His easy style made it so enjoyable to listen, and the information he presented made more sense than any other I can remember. Truly a remarkable program designed to educate the average American family to a safer and more profitable life.”

Ted B.

“Going in suspect, coming out confirmed that the information provided was/is/will be THE tool to learn, understand, and apply to be a good steward of the resources available to and for my family. This information is stated with a great deal of wisdom obtained through personal knowledge.”

Edwin F.

“I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take control of their money and best of all, help bring your family closer together. Thank you for sharing, Doug.”

Julie H.

"This experience has been like none other I have ever had. I have listened to many explanations about becoming wealthy before, and I never learned as much as I have [here]."

Shirley J.

“Doug Andrew and his associates have an amazing wealth of information for those in any financial situation and age bracket.”

Emilee M.

“All the meetings with our [IUL specialist] have been very helpful. We feel very confident in their abilities and knowledge. We also enjoy all the books.”

Linda M.

“This gets you fired up about your retirement opportunities. It also opens your eyes to 'true wealth' in areas other than financial.”

Lee S.