Where’s the Best Place to Preserve & Protect Your Money?

In addition to his weekly 3 Dimensional Wealth radio show, Doug Andrew also has an immensely popular YouTube channel by the same name. Each week he receives serious questions from people just like you who are serious about optimizing their assets, minimizing their taxes and empowering their authentic wealth.

Today, Doug answers a common question asked by those who currently have their savings in IRAs or 401(k)s regarding the best place to preserve and protect their money. Whether they are tiring of the topsy turvy market or simply realize that higher taxes are a growing threat, they know there’s something better than what they’re currently doing.


  • Why will so many people find themselves in a higher tax bracket at retirement than they anticipated? Doug spells out the realities of why this happens and what you can do to avoid it.
  • How can you get the taxes you owe on what’s in your 401(k) or IRA over and done with for good? Learn what a strategic rollout is and how it can put the threat of higher taxes behind you.
  • What can a person do to alleviate the risks that come from having your serious money at risk in the stock market? Doug explains his favorite solution to negating this risk without forgoing the benefits of market growth.
  • Why is liquidity such an essential factor when it comes to your financial assets? Doug reveals the benefit of having access to your money, without penalties or strings, when you need it most.
  • How can a person enjoy tax-free accumulation and access to their money? Discover the difference between tax-deferred and tax-free savings and how to get those taxes over and done with.
  • What is the LASER fund and why is it Doug’s preferred savings vehicle? Doug outlines his strategy for enjoying liquid assets safely earning a predictable rate of return.
  • And much, much more…

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