What’s the Difference Between Universal Life & Whole Life?

Doug Andrew’s 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel is a place where viewers often ask common financial questions. One question Doug hears on a regular basis is an inquiry into the difference between universal and whole life insurance.

It’s a question that even seasoned financial planners and tax advisors find themselves asking. And it’s definitely worth knowing the difference for yourself.

The simplest distinction between the two is that one is primarily for a death benefit while the other is a source of living benefits. Doug explains the origins of universal life insurance and how E.F. Hutton’s brainchild became a vehicle for tax-free accumulation and tax-free access to your money while remaining in harmony with IRS guidelines.

If you’re serious about growing your nest egg tax-free while protecting it from the ravages of rising inflation and ongoing market volatility, this week’s broadcast has the answers.


  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of whole life insurance? Doug explains why these policies are popular even though there are better ways to go.
  • What did E.F. Hutton realize about how the Internal Revenue Code treats life insurance and how can that help you save for the future? Doug lays out the advantages of universal life insurance as a savings vehicle.
  • How to people who take responsibility for their own retirement benefit those who don’t? Learn how the strain on Social Security, Medicare, etc., is growing by the minute and what that means for most retirees.
  • Why is life insurance tax-free when other savings vehicles are either tax-as-you-go or tax-deferred? Doug spells out what Congress realized a long time ago and why they gave the tax advantage to life insurance policies.
  • Is it really possible to accumulate and access your savings tax-free? Discover how the IRS specifically made certain life insurance contracts exempt from taxes and how your money can be safe from future tax hikes.
  • Why should your goal for retirement savings be having liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return? Learn how this approach protects you from the dangers of outliving your retirement savings.
  • And much, much more…

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment.

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