How to Redirect Otherwise Payable Taxes to Pay for Insurance

For north of 48 years, Doug Andrew has been a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist. He draws upon that nearly 5 decades of experience to help people optimize their assets, minimize taxes and to empower their authentic wealth.

Today, Doug will share the details on one of his favorite financial vehicles which allows you to accumulate money tax-free as well as enjoy tax-free income at retirement–things a 401(k) or IRA simply cannot do for you.


  • Why is a properly structured insurance contract such a highly desirable way to accumulate your nest egg? Doug spells out the benefits that you can enjoy now and at retirement with this savings vehicle.
  • What makes tax-free accumulation, access and distribution so much better than tax-deferred savings? Learn why folks going the tax-deferred route will likely regret their decision upon reaching retirement.
  • How can you structure a life insurance contract to benefit you while you’re still alive? Doug explains the IUL and how it opens up possibilities that other savings plans can’t.
  • Why is an indexed universal life insurance policy a better way to go during economic volatility? Discover how this instrument can help you enjoy the benefits of market growth without the risk of market downturns.
  • How does a properly structured and funded indexed IUL protect you from inflation and higher taxes? Doug shares how your IUL eliminates the threat of future tax hikes and a better way to outpace inflation.
  • What makes Doug’s preferred savings vehicle a much safer way to save for the future than an IRA or a 401(k)? Learn why the IUL has historically weathered the worst economic storms.
  • And much, much more…

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