How Can You Capitalize On the Stock Market’s Current Volatility?

The topsy turvy, volatile stock market has prompted a lot of people to ask Doug Andrew about how to profit during an economic downturn. They want to know what experienced advisors recommend for their clients to capitalize when the market goes into these gyrations.

In today’s episode, Doug will lay out the reasons why the stock market is doing what it’s currently doing as well as off his best suggestions of how to see through the official smoke & mirrors and capitalize on this volatility.


  • Why do politicians have plenty of excuses but no solutions to the current economic unrest. Doug reveals the more common smoke and mirrors these politicians use when offering excuses for their bad policies.
  • How does deficit spending contribute to our overall economic instability? Learn how out of control spending raises the risk of higher taxes and inflation as well as destabilizing the markets.
  • What is the danger in allowing yourself to be bamboozled by the misleading inflation numbers pushed by so many officials? Doug explains where this lack of awareness can hit us hard, especially for those in retirement.
  • What does Doug mean when he says that when there’s anxiety, there’s opportunity? Learn about one of his favorite financial vehicles, the indexed universal life insurance contract.
  • How can indexing give you an advantage during times of market volatility? Doug describes how this strategy can help you avoid losses when the market tanks while enjoying the upsides when the market grows.
  • How much of your income, at retirement, should be tax-free? Learn why tax-free income will protect your nest egg while tax-deferred accounts guarantee you’ll have less than you thought at retirement.
  • And much, much more…

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