How To Not Just Survive But Thrive During the Impending Recession

You may be very aware of the topsy turvy market we’re currently experiencing. In Doug Andrew’s opinion, this is just the beginning. That may seem daunting but there’s no reason to lose hope.

In this episode, Doug will explain how to not just survive but how to actually thrive during any kind of a recession. You’re about to learn how to come through it unscathed as well as how to capitalize on that anxiety.


  • How does anxiety also spell opportunity? Doug explains the lessons learned from previous recessions and the advantage you’ll have in knowing them.
  • What are the 4 questions Doug likes to ask to help people snap out of their fearful tunnel vision? When you hear these questions, you’ll understand why it’s possible to weather a recession and even to thrive.
  • Why is it almost a certainty that another recession is headed our way? Learn the root causes that can be easily recognized once you know them.
  • What makes some recessions more severe than others? Doug shares the reasons why this one could be a doozy as well as how to position your serious cash to keep it safe.
  • Why must you know the difference between being having your money in the market versus tied to the market? Understanding this critical distinction has saved Doug’s clients many times over the years.
  • How can you protect your retirement savings from not only market volatility but also higher taxes and rising inflation? Doug reveals his preferred savings vehicle that covers all of these bases.
  • And much, much more…

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