How to Become Your Own Banker to Make 100% Returns

Want to do what banks do to make 100% rates of return?

To begin with, you need to harness the concept of safe, positive leverage (which is the ability to own and control assets with very little or none of your money tied up at risk in that asset). By doing this, you’ll be able to do what banks do: borrow even your own money at a lower rate, while continuing to earn 100% or more on that money that you borrow. You can use what you borrow tax-free for business, retirement income, emergency funds, etc. If you do this for 15, 20, or 30 years, you can end up like many of my clients, with an extra $10 million or more..


What do banks and credit unions do? What does the multi-trillion dollar insurance industry do? 

They borrow other people’s money (OPM). When we deposit our money into a bank or a credit union, it’s in a lended position. Are they just a benevolent institution paying us interest? No, they’re loaning it back to others in the form of mortgages, personal loans, etc. They are also investing it, often about 30% to 40% of their money is invested with insurance companies, for the liquidity and safety they can provide. These insurance companies are bigger, stronger. (Some of the insurance companies where I have my money manage trillions of dollars. In fact, one has as much money as the IRS collects in taxes in an entire year–and that’s just one insurance company!)

Let’s say the bank pays you 1% on the money you deposit. For every $1 million you deposit, they’re paying you $10,000 a year. They turn around  and put that $1 million in insurance companies and earn 5%. How much more is 5% than 1%? Don’t say 4%. It’s 500%, or five times more.

Sounds good, right? Pay $10,000 to earn $50,000. Would you hire an employee for $10,000 who made you $50,000? You bet. That’s called a 500% return on employment cost. Business owners get this. That’s what banks and credit unions do. Now, you can become your own banker.


My favorite vehicle, where I “bank” my own money, is in a properly structured, maximum-funded Indexed Universal Life insurance policy, or what I call an IUL LASER Fund. It provides unparalleled liquidity, safety, predictable rates of return, and tax advantages. You can put your after-tax dollars into this vehicle, where it can grow tax-free. You can access your money tax-free. And you can transfer your money upon your passing to your heirs, income-tax-free. 

So how does the whole “be your own banker” thing work with IUL LASER Funds? 

Let’s say that you open an IUL LASER Fund and begin to sock away money–eventually putting $1 million into your policy.

(As a side note, on my YouTube channel, I show how to stack up $1 million through systematic accumulation. You could sock away 5,000 a month for 120 months, and you’ll have a million dollars tax free in the LASER Fund. How could you generate that $5,000 a month? Let’s say you  have an apartment with $2,000 a month rent. If you rented that space on Airbnb for $7,000 a month (at $350 a night), you would net $5,000, which you could put into your IUL LASER Fund.)


So with $1 million in your IUL LASER Fund, let’s say you see an opportunity. Now I have many clients that invest in real estate. So I’m going to use an example of one of my clients whose specialty is to find multi-unit apartment complexes where the sellers just want out. They’re tired of being landlords, fixing toilets, evicting tenants and so forth. They just want to liquidate. 

He finds those properties, and he buys them, renovates them, and sells them. He doesn’t like to be a landlord himself either. He has a pool of investors who want to buy apartment complexes that are updated and can provide good cash flow. 

So often when he finds a property he wants, he’ll borrow a large sum from his IUL LASER Fund (in the form of an Alternate Loan) for the earnest money. He did this in 2017. He borrowed $1 million out, and his insurance company charged him 5%.

What’s 5% on $1 million? That’s $50,000. Because he used index strategies, his policy was credited the indexed rate that year. Guess what he earned in 2017. He capped out at 25%. That means his $1 million earned $250,000 that year, netting $200,000 of growth on the million in his policy, tax-free. He netted a 20% return tax-free on his policy, while he was using the $1 million to acquire an apartment complex that he fixed up and sold, making another $2 million. (Note: examples of past performance are not guarantees of future performance.)

Is this blowing you away? This is how many savvy people accumulate millions of extra dollars by putting an IUL LASER Fund to work for them. I don’t care if you borrow money at 5% and you earn 10%. How much more is 10% than 5%? It’s 100%. 

Would you hire an employee for $50,000 who made you an extra $100,000? All day long. 

And with 5% to 10% historical average returns, many clients have earned 100% more than the cost of borrowing out of their max-funded IUL policies. Some years it’s been less. Others have been more. And since with IUL policies, you can repay the loan, you can repeat the borrow, earn, repay cycle for the rest of your life. 

And that, my friends, is how you become your own banker.  


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