Why Inflation Is Happening & How to Calculate the Actual Rate

If you’re tuned in to various forms of media, you should already know that inflation is becoming a big concern. It’s interesting how politicians try to pass the blame and call for greater spending and the printing of more money to try to spend our way out of the inflationary spiral.

As Doug explains in this episode, there’s no historical example of any country ever successfully doing this to get rid of the problem of inflation. At least, there’s no example of this where it actually turned out for the better.


  • Why is inflation happening? Doug lays out a clear definition of inflation and explains the causes as well as the symptoms.
  • How can you calculate the real rate of inflation? Learn how officials fudge on the numbers and spin the data to try to avoid blame for their own failing monetary policies.
  • What can be done to outpace inflation in order to protect your life savings? Doug explains his favorite strategies to grow your money faster than inflation can eat up its purchasing power.
  • Why is inflation everywhere and always a money problem? Doug shares the realities that too many politicians are unwilling to face or admit.
  • What happens when our government spends far more money than it takes in via taxes? Discover the reasons for our government’s incredible lopsided spending and learn why it’s diluting the purchasing power of every dollar you have.
  • How can you protect yourself from inflation, as well as higher taxes and ongoing market volatility? Doug explains his favorite savings vehicle which counters all three of these threats.
  • And much, much more…

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