How to Get High Investment Returns With Low Risk

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In today’s episode, Doug tackles the question of how to get high investment returns with low risk. Generally, you’ll find that the higher the return that you want, the higher the risk is going to be. Typically, low risk translates into lower rates of return. Today, you’ll learn how to enjoy the best of both worlds using a strategy that was introduced in 1997 that has allowed Doug and his clients to earn higher than average returns with extremely low risk.


  • What is indexing and how does it differ from indexed mutual funds? Doug explains the critical difference between these two concepts and how one leaves your money at risk in the market while the other one doesn’t.
  • Why do so many people lose money during market downturns and how can you avoid that hazard? Learn the difference between having money in the market versus having that money tied to the market.
  • How does indexing work and why should you consider utilizing it? Doug breaks it down for you and shares the reasons why he recommends it as a hedge against ongoing market volatility.
  • What is Doug’s favorite savings vehicle for retirement? Learn what a maximum-funded universal life insurance contract is and why it has earned Doug’s trust.
  • Why is tax-free accumulation the key to knowing that you won’t outlive your retirement savings? Doug lays out the nasty shock that people with tax-deferred accumulation are going to receive upon reaching retirement.
  • How is it possible to lock in gains when the market grows yet not lose money when the market contracts? Doug has the details on how indexing protects your principal during downturns but gives you all the upside benefits when the market thrives.
  • And much, much more…

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