Fee-based vs. Commission-based Financial Advisors

Each week on Doug Andrew’s 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel Doug posts an answer to financial questions that he’s been asked by his clients or his students. Recently, he was asked whether it’s better to go with a fee-based or commission-based financial advisor

As you might gather, there is a significant difference between the two and it’s a difference worth understanding. In a nutshell, the fee-based advisor is paid a percentage based upon the assets they’re managing for you. Commission-based financial advisors usually are compensated from the sale of certain products like life insurance or annuities. Some financial advisors are compensated both ways.


  • Which is the better type of advisor to choose? Learn the reasons that each will give you to demonstrate that they are the better choice and what else you’ll want to consider.
  • What is fiduciary responsibility and how does it apply to each type of advisor? Doug explains who has a duty to put your well-being above their own and why.
  • How do fee-based advisors make their money and why can it vary so much? Doug shares some of the considerations you’ll want to ponder before going this route.
  • Why are commission-based advisors sometimes unfairly accused of costing too much and what are their strong points? Discover the reasons that this approach can make perfect sense depending upon the product you buy.
  • When does a one-time fee make sense in your long-term financial planning? Doug explains how the prospect of tax-free accumulation can make this a very attractive option.
  • How concerned should you be about outliving your retirement savings? Doug has clear answers for anyone who wishes to have authentic peace of mind regarding their nest egg and their financial future.
  • And much, much more…

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