Headed For a Worse Crash Than 2008? Fortify Your Nest Egg Now

Are we headed for a worse crash than 2008? Doug Andrew is no doomsayer but he’s definitely a realist. And the reality is that things are not on solid ground economically.

Doug Andrew warns that the stage may be set for a crash or recession that rivals the one we saw in 2008. He also invites you to learn how to protect your nest egg with the strategies he shares for free each week on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel.


  • Why are those holding commercial real estate feeling concern over what’s coming? Doug shares details on the growing vacancies that the owners of these properties are facing right now.
  • How did Covid-19 increase the likelihood that we’re headed for a worse crash than 2008? Learn how many businesses saw their workforce shrink as people worked from home and few returned to the workplace.
  • What is the cause of the ripple effect that is affecting banks like Silicon Valley Bank? Doug explains how those who refinance their commercial mortgages in the next 24 months will face far higher interest rates.
  • Why will those with commercial real estate likely see the value of their properties go down? Discover how the coming drop in value will be similar to what we saw in the crash of 2008.
  • How can you protect yourself if you hold rental properties and real estate values suddenly plummet? Doug offers his preferred strategies for protecting your money even if property values crash.
  • What can you do to keep your assets liquid while safely earning predictable rates of return that outpace inflation and higher taxes? Doug explains how the LASER fund is a vehicle that covers each of these risks.
  • And much, much more…

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