Your retirement savings are under attack but not everyone understands why this is. Taxes on income, capital gains, estates, corporations and so forth, are going up.

Doug Andrew says the reason why Washington D.C. is going after the people with money, those who have saved, is because they are usually the retirees. You can learn how to protect your nest egg with the strategies that Doug shares for free each week on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel.


  • Why is Uncle Sam so interested in collecting more of your hard earned money at every turn? Doug describes the out of control spending for which Washington is famous and how it leads to ever higher taxes.
  • How is inflation a hidden tax and how can you avoid it? Learn why printing trillions of dollars has fueled inflation and how your retirement savings are at risk.
  • What makes the traditional retirement accounts like an IRA or 401(k) so risky for retirees? Doug lays out how tax-deferred vehicles like these leave you vulnerable to tax hikes.
  • Why do so many people utilize tax-deferred accounts and what could they do different? Discover how tax-free accumulation is possible and why it’s a far better strategy than putting off those taxes.
  • How do people find themselves paying higher taxes at retirement than they did while they were working? Doug shares the reasons why a lower tax bracket at retirement is no longer axiomatic for many folks.
  • What can you do to keep your retirement savings safe from higher taxes, rising inflation and ongoing market volatility? Doug explains how the LASER fund covers each of these risks.
  • And much, much more…

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