Equal distribution is a term we often hear when it’s being applied to a person’s assets, after they’ve passed away. These assets can include things like your house, real estate, cash, stocks and bonds, etc. Yet your most important assets, can include things like your health, family, relationships or faith.

In today’s episode, Doug Andrew draws upon his nearly 5 decades of experience as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist to explain the foundational dimension of wealth. As you’ll see, it’s just one of the 3 dimensions of authentic wealth.


  • How do people set their kids and grandkids up for some hard lessons by protecting them from work? Doug explains the difference between a hand up and a hand out and how it can affect your loved ones.
  • Why does an entitlement mentality harm the people we love most and how can we avoid it? Learn about entitlement abolition and why Doug recommends it to his clients and students.
  • What are the hazards of equal distribution when it comes to passing your assets on to your loved ones? Doug reveals how equal distribution to unequals can lead to some very unequal outcomes.
  • How do some people ruin their kids and grandkids when making legal plans regarding their wealth? Discover the ways that we can inadvertently instill family members with a sense of entitlement.
  • Why does it matter how you distribute your wealth to those who will follow you? Doug shares the reasons that wealth must be transferred with a systems that fosters responsibility and accountability.
  • What is the danger in sheltering family members from hardship or struggle? Doug explains the concept of equal opportunity versus equal distribution.
  • And much, much more…

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