Eliminate the 3 Dangers In Retirement

By June 28, 2021 [PODCAST]

Doug Andrew recently posted a video on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel about the 4 pillars you must understand to ensure that you don’t outlive your retirement money. He’s drawing upon his experience helping thousands of people as a retirement planning specialist and financial strategist for more than 47 years.

If you’ve ever wondered about the key elements of a prudent investment, this is an episode that you’ll want to hear.

Doug will share those key elements as well as a handy test that you can use to score potential investments so that you can move toward your brighter future with confidence.


  • Why do so many people get their priorities in the wrong order when analyzing an investment? Doug explains how the liquidity is the number one key element of a prudent investment and why you should settle for nothing less.
  • What causes so many people to hyper-fixate on rate of return when investing? Doug shares what he’s discovered over the past 4 and half decades that will illustrate the necessity for having these priorities in order.
  • Is there a reason that so many banks have their tier 1 assets held in legal reserve insurance companies? Learn why insurance companies have historically survived market volatility that many banks did not survive.
  • How does safety factor into being a key element of a prudent investment? Doug spells out what AAA and BBB ratings mean for financial institutions and why this is an essential consideration for long term financial goals.
  • How can you determine what is an acceptable vs. unacceptable rate of return for your investment? Discover how this 3 key element of a prudent investment must be approached and what Doug recommends.
  • What are the necessary tax benefits of a prudent investment? Doug explains how understanding the difference between tax-free and tax-deferred accumulation will give you greater financial security and peace of mind in the long run.
  • And much, much more…

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