Converting an IRA or 401(k) to be Tax-free, the Strategic Rollout

In his more than 45 years as a tax minimization specialist, Doug Andrew has been approached numerous times by people who have discovered that their money is trapped in an IRA or 401(k) and are looking for solutions. Most of these folks simply did what others around them were doing when they began participating in their company 401(k) or socking away savings in an IRA.

But following the herd doesn’t always mean you’ve found the best plan.

They believed that they would be in a lower tax bracket when they retired and chose to accumulate their savings tax-deferred rather than tax-free. As Doug explains, this is a premise that far too many people learn is no longer axiomatic.

Paying the necessary taxes on the seed money rather than the harvest money is a far wiser move and Doug has some timely solutions for those who’ve recognized their predicament.


  • Why do so many people find that they’re not in the anticipated lower tax bracket they thought they’d be in at retirement? Doug lays out the reasons why this happens and how to avoid making this mistake.
  • Why are tax-free savings a safer vehicle than tax-deferred savings? Doug explains how critical it is to understand the difference between these two approaches.
  • Why is saving in a tax-deferred account like driving down the highway with one foot on brake and one on the gas? Doug spells out the ways that people in retirement end up killing the deductions they’re counting on to keep their taxes low.
  • Does the thought of outliving your savings cause you uneasiness? Learn how to build a nest egg that is safe from rising taxes, inflation and market volatility.
  • How are taxes like a cancer that is waiting to erode your retirement nest egg? Doug has a solution for getting those taxes over and done with now so your money can continue to accumulate tax-free.
  • How does every person with an IRA or 401(k) stand to lose roughly a third of what they’ve saved to taxes? Learn what a strategic rollout is and how it can protect your savings as you move forward.
  • And much, much more…

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