Changes Are Coming to Real Estate Taxes — Here’s Why You Should Watch Out

If you’re serious about learning how to how to protect yourself from the negative impact of rising taxes and inflation, you’re in luck. Doug Andrew offers weekly insights and answers to questions on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel. You can subscribe for free.

If you own real estate in addition to your primary residence, including rental properties, you’ll find Doug’s message particularly helpful. In this episode, Doug outlines a handful of real estate concepts that should give you more options regarding some of the proposed coming changes to real estate taxes.

Pay close attention if you’re invested in real estate. You’ll not only learn what to do to protect yourself but you’ll also learn how to increase your real estate returns by double or more.


  • Is federal spending going to continue to outrun what the IRS collects in taxes in a typical year? Learn what all that spending is pointing towards and why taxes won’t be any lower in the short term.
  • Why should you treat inflation like it was a hidden tax? Doug teaches how to grow your serious money at a rate that can not only keep up but can outpace inflation to protect your buying power.
  • Under Biden’s plans, where will the biggest tax increases likely be seen? Discover why people are refusing to sell their properties rather than risk taking a huge capital gains tax hit.
  • Of all the taxes we pay, why is capital gains among the least fair of them? Doug spells out how capital gains becomes a double whammy thanks to inflation.
  • Is there any benefit in doing a 1031 exchange when selling a property? Doug reveals an option that smart people can use to avoid paying that capital gains tax.
  • Why does Biden wish to eliminate the step up in basis for people who have inherited an income property? Doug explains what this is all about and why it’s worth clearly understanding your options.
  • And much, much more…

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