Why Is Inflation Happening & How You Can Know the Actual Rate?

The media is finally beginning to acknowledge that inflation is a growing concern. Typically, politicians will simply try to assign blame calling for even more spending as well as the printing of more money to try to spend their way clear.

As you’ll learn in this episode, there’s no historical example of any country ever successfully doing this to get rid of the problem of inflation. Doug Andrew will spell out why there’s no example of this approach actually solving the problem.


  • Why does inflation happen? Doug lays out a clear definition of what inflation is and reveals why it’s ramping up right now.
  • Are officials telling us the real rate of inflation? Doug explains how to calculate the actual rate and why officials spin the numbers to avoid blame for disastrous monetary policies.
  • How can you keep inflation from eating up your life savings? Doug shares his preferred strategies to outpace inflation by growing your money faster than its purchasing power is being lost.
  • Is inflation always a money problem? Learn about the monetary realities that most politicians are too frightened to admit.
  • Why does our government spends so much more money than it takes in through taxes? Doug reveals the reasons for our government’s spending spree and it’s watering down the purchasing power of every dollar.
  • What’s the best way to protect yourself from inflation, higher taxes, and the threat of ongoing economic volatility? Doug describes his most trusted savings vehicle and how it negates all three of these threats.
  • And much, much more…

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