Why Inflation Is Happening & How You Can Calculate Its Actual Rate

It took them long enough but politicians and their cohorts in mass media have finally begun to acknowledge the growing concern over inflation. Generally, politicians and the media will be more concerned with placing blame than addressing the root causes of inflation. Many will advocate for even higher spending which just pours gasoline onto a raging fire.

Doug Andrew draws upon his more than 48 years as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist to explain the challenge before us and how to protect your savings. He also makes clear why no nation has yet been able to spend itself clear of an inflationary crisis.


  • What are the root causes of inflation? Doug defines exactly what inflation is and spells out the reasons why it’s rising so quickly today.
  • Why won’t politicians tell us the real rate of inflation? Doug lays out how you can calculate the actual inflation rate and how officials try to avoid blame for their disastrous monetary policies with media spin.
  • Is inflation eroding your life savings and what can you do about it? Doug explains his favorite strategies to outpace inflation by growing your money faster than its purchasing power is diminishing.
  • What makes inflation primarily a money problem? Doug shares some of the monetary realities that many politicians cannot face.
  • How does the government spend more money than it can take in through taxes? Doug outlines the government’s spending spree and how it waters down the purchasing power of every dollar.
  • What can you do to protect yourself from inflation, higher taxes, and the growing threat of economic volatility? Doug reveals most trusted savings instrument and how it can negate all three of these growing threats.
  • And much, much more…

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