How Do IUL Policy Owners Profit When the Market Dies?

When market downturns come along, that’s the time to start looking at seizing certain strategies. This is especially true if you own an IUL policy or insurance contract.

For more than 48 years, Doug Andrew has been a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist. This has given Doug ample time to clearly observe what works and what doesn’t, especially for long term financial goals.


  • How can you enjoy liquid assets safely earning a predictable, and tax-free, rate of return? Doug describes his favorite savings vehicle and how it checks each of these boxes.
  • What does a maximum funded, indexed universal life insurance contract offer as a means of saving for the future? Doug explains how a properly funded and structured contract like this can become a LASER fund.
  • How does tax-free accumulation and access provide you with greater peace of mind in the long run? Learn how the tax-deferred approach leaves you vulnerable to higher taxes in the future.
  • Why does Doug give IRAs and 401(k)s a wide berth as potential saving vehicles? Discover the downsides of these methods of saving and how they can hurt you when it counts the most.
  • What is the danger in assuming you’ll be in a lower tax bracket upon reaching retirement? Doug puts this myth to rest and explains how many find themselves in a higher tax bracket at retirement than when they were working.
  • How does the LASER fund provide 4 additional benefits that even a Roth IRA cannot? Doug spells out why the various government strings attached to traditional and even Roth IRAs make them a poor choice.
  • And much, much more…

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