How would you like to be able to participate in the upside potential of the market without having your money at risk in the market? To many folks, this possibility seems too good to be true. However, as Doug explains in this week’s episode, it is true and he spells out why.

When Doug mentions indexing, he’s not talking about an indexed mutual fund. Instead he’s talking about a strategy to protect your principal regardless of what the market is doing. It’s not overly complicated but it’s something not nearly enough financial advisors understand.


  • What is a LASER fund and why does Doug recommend it as a way to build your nest egg? Learn how having liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return can provide you with stable, tax-free accumulation.
  • How does a properly structured, maximum-funded, indexed universal life insurance contract allow you to accumulate money tax-free? Doug explains why this is his favorite savings vehicle, bar none.
  • Why is it so essential that you have access to tax-free income in retirement? Discover how to enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that you will not outlive your retirement savings.
  • What makes a traditional IRA or 401(k) a much riskier way to accumulate money? Doug shares the crucial difference between tax-deferred and tax-free accumulation.
  • How is it possible to enjoy gains when the market is growing yet not lose your shirt when the market declines? Doug reveals the advantages of indexing and how it protects your principal.
  • Why have legal reserve insurance companies survived and even thrived during the worst economic times? Doug explains how these companies are structured for stability and safety in good times and bad.
  • And much, much more…

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