How Healthy Must You Be to Own a Tax-free IUL Insurance Contract?

Each week Doug Andrew answers questions that he receives from clients and students regarding tax strategy and retirement planning. This week, Doug tackles a common question about how healthy you must be in order to own a tax-free Indexed Universal Life insurance contract or IUL.

As Doug has been teaching for years, a properly structured IUL policy can provide numerous living benefits, in addition to the death benefit. Best of all, it’s a remarkable tool that can allow you to enjoy tax-free accumulation, access and distribution of your retirement savings.


  • How is it possible to accumulate savings tax-free and then to enjoy tax-free income? Doug explains his favorite savings vehicle and why it’s a better alternative.
  • Why do so many Americans still go the tax-deferred route rather than taking advantage of tax-free accumulation? Learn why an IRA or 401(k) simply cannot compare to a properly structured IUL.
  • What is the difference between what insurance can do versus what it is? Doug spells out the key differences including the importance of living benefits.
  • How healthy must a person be to own an IUL insurance contract? Doug explains the key qualifications and how most people, in fact, do qualify to be the owners of an IUL, even if the insured has health issues.
  • Who are the 5 parties to an insurance contract? Doug lays out who the parties are and how each of them fits into the bigger picture of an IUL.
  • What makes tax-free accumulation and tax-free income so much more desirable than the tax-deferred approach. Discover how getting the taxes over and done with brings peace of mind in knowing you won’t outlive your savings.
  • And much, much more…

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