Unnecessary Taxes and How You Could Save Up to $250K On Them

Unnecessary taxes are something most people end up paying because they don’t understand the alternatives. Today, Doug Andrew explains how you could save up to $250,000 in unnecessary taxes over the next five years.

If you’ve ever attended one of Doug’s “Retire By Design” half-day events, you already know that he loves teaching people how to optimize their assets and minimize their taxes as they are preparing for a comfortable retirement. Today’s program will help you forever shake the worry of outliving your money.


  • How can you know for certain that you aren’t in danger of outliving your money? Doug explains how to participate in one of his educational events and begin building your financial peace of mind today.
  • How can a person save $250K in unnecessary taxes if their money is currently in an IRA or 401(k)? Doug explains the strategic rollout and how you can get those taxes over and done with for good.
  • Why is some income subject to tax and other income isn’t? Doug lays out the crucial differences that have been enshrined in the IRS code for more than 100 years.
  • Why is it essential that your retirement income be as tax-free as possible? Learn the legitimate strategies to protect yourself from unnecessary taxes and future tax hikes that could eat up your savings.
  • Why is the LASER fund Doug’s preferred savings vehicle? Discover the peace of mind that comes with having liquid assets safely earning a predictable rate of return.
  • What’s the best way to save on unnecessary taxes than by simply taking the required minimum distribution? Doug shares his preferred approach and how it enables saving hundreds of thousands in taxes.
  • And much, much more…

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