Doug Andrew’s 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel is a powerful tool for helping to teach people and organizations how to optimize their assets, minimize taxes and empower their authentic wealth. It’s free to subscribe and it’s where Doug provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding money.

Lately, he’s been hearing a lot of questions about cryptocurrency. Specifically, people are asking whether or not they should invest in it. In today’s episode, Doug offers his take on a topic that is increasingly on people’s minds.

Doug has been a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for more than 47 years and the first thing he would say is don’t rely on or invest in cryptocurrency for a stable retirement income.


  • Is cryptocurrency just a fad or does it have a viable future? Doug shares his thoughts on when he first encountered Bitcoin and what he has observed since that time.
  • Should you be concerned that cryptocurrency is not backed by something tangible that holds value? Doug walks us through the history of fiat currency vs. currency that’s backed by something of value like gold or silver.
  • Why is cryptocurrency so volatile and what does that mean for your long-term financial stability? Doug lays out the reasons you should question whether you’d be willing to rely on something like that for your retirement income.
  • Are there better vehicles to rely on for predictable cash flow or income and what might they look like? Learn about Doug’s preferred savings vehicles and what they can do that cryptocurrency cannot.
  • How does cryptocurrency compare to the stock market in terms of market volatility? As Doug explains, the stock market can certainly fluctuate but there are ways to protect yourself from its ongoing volatility.
  • Why should you differentiate between the money you’re counting on for retirement income and money you’re willing to use for more speculative purposes? Doug recommends that you approach putting money into cryptocurrency as you would real estate with the understanding that you’ll need somewhere safe to park your profits.
  • And much, much more…

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