Savvy Real Estate Investors, How Do They Hold Their Property?

Savvy real estate investors know a thing or two. Today, Doug Andrew tackles the question of how they hold their property, free and clear or mortgaged to the hilt?

Doug shares a wide variety of advice on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel. In today’s episode, he shares his best advice on how to own real estate by exploring how avoid common mistakes that property owners make.


  • Why does it matter how you hold your property? Doug shares the lessons he’s learned over the years and the real world advice that has worked for him and his clients.
  • How can you keep your money liquid and why is it so essential? Learn why Doug has never paid a big down payment on property and why you shouldn’t either.
  • What is the danger in paying extra mortgage payments against your principal and how can it come back to bite you? Doug explains the lesson he learned when he and his wife built a home in the late 1970s.
  • What do savvy real estate investors understand about the difference between equity on paper and money you can actually access? Discover the reasons why having access to your money makes all the difference.
  • How can you keep your equity separate from the property? Doug reveals how this practice saved him grief when his home’s value dipped considerably.
  • What is the LASER fund and why is it Doug’s preferred financial vehicle? Learn why having liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return is the mark of someone who knows what they’re doing.
  • And much, much more…

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