How to Generate Tax-free Income for Life

How to generate tax-free income for life is something you can and should understand. Doug Andrew draws upon his nearly 50 years of experience as a tax strategist and retirement planning specialist to point you in the right direction.

Each week Doug shares key insights on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel, to help you optimize assets, minimize taxes and to empower your authentic wealth. A properly structured indexed universal life insurance contract (IUL) is Doug’s preferred savings vehicle .


  • How does an IUL generate tax-free income for life? Doug explains how IRS code has protected this accumulation vehicle for decades.
  • What are the living benefits of an IUL and how do they differ from a death benefit? Learn the difference between the two and why both matter more than we think.
  • Why is the ability to generate tax-free income becoming more important by the day? Doug reveals the risks of higher taxes due to a congressional inability to slow government spending.
  • How can you have peace of mind when the market is experiencing volatility? Discover how the IUL protects your serious money no matter what the market is doing at the moment.
  • What makes the tax-deferred route a risky choice for saving for the future? Doug shares the reasons why tax-free accumulation is the smarter choice.
  • Why are those with money in IRAs and 401(k)s more likely to outlive their retirement savings? Doug explains how those who are saving this way are giving up the ability to generate tax-free income for life.
  • And much, much more…

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