Here Comes the First Major Federal Tax Hike in 30 Years, Are You Ready?

Doug Andrew’s free 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel is a great way to pick up some of the best financial and retirement planning strategies that Doug has been teaching for four and a half decades. Each week Doug takes time to create educational videos that answer some of the questions he’s been asked.

A lot of those asking questions lately have been wondering exactly what president Biden has up his sleeve in regards to taxes. Doug has been following Biden’s proposed tax increases and changes to tax policy and offering alternatives that will protect your savings from higher taxes.

With Biden planning the first major federal tax hike in 30 years, this is information you must know.


  • What can we learn from Biden’s past record on taxes? Doug reveals how a politician’s past performance can be a powerful indicator of what he or she will pursue in the future, especially in regard to tax policy.
  • What should you be doing to position your retirement savings to protect against tax increases? Doug explains the different types of taxes as well as what you can do to protect your next egg.
  • Will the proposed tax increases only affect those who make over $400,000 a year? Doug warns that middle and lower income earners will also be at risk of seeing their taxes go up.
  • How does the history of tax cuts help a person understand what’s at stake with these proposed hikes? Learn what has happened under previous presidents, including those who cut and those who raised taxes.
  • Why do so many people continue to count on being in a lower tax bracket at retirement when that hasn’t been axiomatic for nearly 25 years? Doug shares his thoughts on how people with tax-deferred savings are especially vulnerable to this misconception.
  • Is there a way to get your taxes over and done with and to move your serious money into a savings vehicle where it can accumulate tax-free from now on? Doug explains what his favorite tax-free savings vehicle is and how you can enjoy liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return.
  • And much, much more…

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