Don’t Lose Money When the Real Estate Market Plummets

Don’t lose money when the real estate market takes a dive. That may seem like a tall order but if a significant part of your wealth is held in real estate, you’ll want to get Doug Andrew’s take on the matter.

Today, Doug shares his best advice on how to ensure you don’t lose money during a real estate market downturn. You can learn all about optimizing your assets as well as many other strategies for free each week on Doug’s 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel.


  • Why is it important to optimize your assets and to minimize taxes? Doug explains the risks that can arise if you fail to take action.
  • How can you keep your money liquid, safe and earning a predictable rate of return? Doug spells out the advantages of doing this, especially if real estate is part of your investment strategy.
  • What can you do during times of market volatility to ensure that you don’t lose money? Learn Doug’s preferred savings vehicles and strategies that eliminate much of these risks.
  • How does the story of the 3 little pigs help you understand where to keep your serious cash? Doug shares how the maximum-funded indexed insurance contract can be the equivalent of a house of bricks.
  • Why is commercial real estate experiencing a ripple effect from the volatility that came with the pandemic? Doug explains how so many people working from home changed the landscape for commercial properties.
  • What effect is inflation having on your ability to build wealth for a brighter future? Discover why inflation is soaring and what you can do so you don’t lose money through loss of purchasing power.
  • And much, much more…

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