Each week on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel, Doug Andrew shares in-depth educational insights on what he’s learned as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for over 48 years. Recently he shared a series of 5 videos he’s created on the subject of how to stack up an extra million bucks.

This information is invaluable to anyone who is serious about becoming learning how to optimize their assets, minimize taxes and to empower their authentic wealth.


  • What is meant by ‘infinite rates of return’? Doug explains this term and also lays out the reasons that so many people, including bank and credit union employees don’t understand what it means.
  • Do you know the 4 things that you can do with money? Learn what those things are and you’re on your way to a better understanding of how money works.
  • How do banks, credit unions and insurance companies use the money you save with them? Doug shares a few of the ways that these institutions use the money you lend them to make more money.
  • Why are insurance companies a lower risk in how they use your money than banks or credit unions? Doug explains the rationale behind their caution and why insurance companies have survived downturns that banks didn’t.
  • What makes liquidity such an important consideration in choosing a long term savings vehicle? Discover why having the ability to access your money without incurring taxes or penalties is the smarter choice.
  • How can you become your own banker and what would that mean for your financial future? Doug shares the advantages of safe positive leverage and how a lot of people make impressive returns without actually owning the asset that generates that income.
  • And much, much more…

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