What Is Meant By Biden-nomics?

Each week on this program, Doug Andrew answers questions as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist , just like he’s done for over 48 years. Typically, there is no political or other agenda at play, except to educate you on how certain things happen, including taxes and inflation and how to best deal with them.

The goal is always to help you plan for your brighter future in such a way that you are not at risk of outliving your money. When Doug asks the audience at his teaching events whether they’d like him to be gentle or honest, the answer is always overwhelmingly in favor of honesty. Today’s show will honestly address some difficult facts that must be faced.


  • What is the agenda that the Biden administration seems to be pursuing? Doug explains how the policies being pursued at the national level will put both Republicans and Democrats alike at significant financial risk.
  • How does Biden-nomics differ from its predecessors including Reagan-nomics? Learn the difference between how Reagan and Biden pursued tax and economic policies and how they affect the taxpayers.
  • What are the two basic philosophies regarding how government should be that could have direct impact on your ability to save for the future? Doug lays out the differences between a government that provides what it thinks you need versus one that gets out of your way and allows you to provide your own solutions.
  • How is it possible to raise tax revenues by lowering taxes? Discover how lower taxes incentivize people to produce and create which, in turn, generates even higher tax revenues.
  • Why are taxes poised to rocket even higher under the current administration? Doug provides the low down on how massive government spending is creating calls for ever-higher taxation.
  • How can you protect your retirement nest egg from the threats of higher taxes, rising inflation and ongoing market volatility? Doug reveals his preferred savings vehicle and how it covers all of these bases.
  • And much, much more…

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