What Damage Is Being Done Due to the New Administration’s Policies?

Doug Andrew posts answers each week on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel to various financial questions he’s been asked. Doug is not a pessimist yet, at the same time, he is a realist.

He thinks that life is going to change from the way we’ve known it and much of this change will have to do with policies that are being passed by the current administration. Many of these changes seem to come no matter which party is in charge and Doug has seen many presidents come and go–each with their different approaches to fiscal and monetary policy. With this in mind, here are a few things you should know.


  • Why should we pay close attention to the seemly small changes? Doug reminds us that the Gutenberg printing press didn’t seem like a huge deal, yet it opened the door for people to learn on their own.
  • How does separation of the state and the economy make sense like the separation of church and state? Learn why government interference in the economy, including government spending, can cause much larger problems.
  • Why is the practice of infusing the economy with newly printed money such a dangerous thing to do? Doug explains how inflation waters down the purchasing power of every dollar, including those you’ve saved for the future.
  • What makes political interference in economics so dangerous to all of us? Discover how, no matter how well-intended, most politicians simply don’t understand economics or how to run a business.
  • Why does the ratio of people who pay taxes compared to those who consume those taxes matter so much? Doug shares the hard reality of what other presidential administrations have done to shift that ratio toward the consumers and away from the producers.
  • How can you protect your hard-earned money from the threats of higher taxes, rising inflation and ongoing market volatility? Learn about Doug’s favored savings vehicle and how to enjoy liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return.
  • And much, much more…

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