The Collapse of Banks Is 1 Huge Warning Signal

The collapse of banks like Silicon Valley Bank and others is making some headlines. It also serves as a huge warning signal for anyone who is paying close attention to the economy.

Doug Andrew may not be a doomsdayer but he’s definitely a realist. Learn why more bank failures are likely coming and check out the insights that Doug shares for free each week on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel.


  • Why did Silicon Valley Bank fail on March 10 and why does this portend trouble for other banks? Doug lays out the reasons for the SVB collapse and the continuing risk for even more banks.
  • How is inflation contributing to the collapse of banks like SVB and how can you protect yourself from it? Learn what inflation is and how to guard against losing the purchasing power of your savings.
  • What can we learn from the bank runs of the Great Depression and how they were handled? Doug explains what left people vulnerable then and how to avoid finding yourself in a similar dilemma.
  • Why is it essential to have liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return during times of market volatility? Discover why the LASER fund is Doug’s preferred savings vehicle.
  • How is the federal government’s expansion of FDIC protection for bank customers’ savings likely to contribute to the collapse of banks down the road? Doug shares the reasons why an FDIC bailout encourages risky decision making.
  • What made it possible for the legal reserve insurance industry to survive the Great Depression with flying colors? Learn about the power of the Indexed Universal Life insurance contract or IUL and how it can weather volatility.
  • And much, much more…

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