Tax-free Accumulation Is Possible With a Strategic Rollout

Tax-free accumulation of money is not only possible but highly desirable if you want to see your retirement nest egg last. In today’s episode, Doug Andrew will explain how to convert your tax-deferred IRA or 401(k) with a strategic rollout.

As a tax minimization specialist for more than 45 years, Doug Andrew has a lifetime of personal experience in this subject. If you’ve discovered that your money is currently trapped in an IRA or 401(k), Doug has some powerful information for you.

One reason so many people find themselves in this situation is the perception that this is how most people are saving for retirement, therefore, it must be a sound way to save. What they will likely realize too late, is that saving for retirement in a tax-deferred account may very well lead to them outliving their nest egg.

It doesn’t have to be that way.


  • Can you really count on being in a lower tax bracket when you retire? Doug explains how this hasn’t been axiomatic for nearly 25 years now and why it could prove frustrating to those who are counting on it.
  • Why are tax-free savings a safer vehicle than tax-deferred savings? Doug spells out the advantages of paying those taxes on your seed money and being done with those taxes forever..
  • Why is saving in a tax-deferred account like driving down the highway with one foot on brake and one on the gas? Doug shares the reasons why deferring those taxes to a later date seldom brings the desired advantage.
  • Are taxes likely to continue going up in the days ahead? Learn why this is not only likely but also why the deductions we’ve come to count on are almost never there upon reaching retirement.
  • How can you be sure that you won’t outlive your money? If you don’t have an answer to this question, Doug has vital information that you need to hear.
  • What’s a better saving vehicle than a 401(k) or an IRA? Doug has some proven recommendations of savings vehicles that will allow you to accumulate, grow and access your retirement nest egg tax-free.
  • And much, much more…

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