Is It Too Late to Roll Out my IRA If I’m Already Retired?

Among the more common questions that Doug Andrew hears from his listeners, customers and students, is the question regarding a person’s options with their IRA when they are already retired, newly retired or about to retire.

In particular, many of them want to know if there is a better way to grow and protect their nest egg than keeping it in a tax-deferred vehicle like their IRA. Today, Doug will introduce you to the IUL, a tax-advantaged savings vehicle that savvy CPAs and tax attorneys refer to as the “rich man’s Roth.”

Of course, that name makes Doug chuckle because you don’t have to be rich to have an IUL. The reason the rich can’t have a Roth IRA is because they make too much money. If you’re serious about getting your taxes over and done with and then growing and being able to access your nest egg tax-free, this is information you’ll find very helpful.


  • What exactly is an IUL and why should I consider it? Doug explains how it is likely the best tax-free vehicle in the Internal Revenue code.
  • Why is it important to financially plan for being “at retirement” in addition to your planning “for retirement”? Doug shares one of his greatest strategies for people who are at retirement as well as near retirement.
  • What is a strategic rollout and why is it worth considering if you have an IRA or 401(k)? Learn about the advantages of tax-free vs tax-deferred saving and how to make the switch if you’re currently in an IRA or 401(k).
  • Why do so many people suffer from what Doug calls “deduction reduction” upon reaching retirement? Learn the essential truth about why so many people don’t find themselves in a lower tax bracket at retirement.
  • Why is now an especially opportune time for people with IRAs and 401(k)s to consider doing a strategic rollout? Doug spells out how if you just saw the value of yours just take a noticeable dip in the recent market volatility, then there’s less value to be taxed in a rollout.
  • Are today’s tax rates likely to be the lowest we’ll be seeing for a while? With the unprecedented federal spending that’s taking place, Doug explains why taxes aren’t likely to go anywhere but higher.
  • And much, much more…

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