Do You Have to Be In Good Health to Own a Tax-free IUL Insurance Contract?

Doug Andrew has been a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for nearly half a century. His free YouTube channel features more than 800 educational videos that answer common questions posed to Doug.

Recently Doug was asked, “Do you have to be in good health to own a tax-free IUL insurance contract?” IUL stands for indexed universal life and the insurance contract is an insurance policy that has been properly structured to provide a tax-free accumulation vehicle. It also provides living benefits that other life insurance policies cannot.


  • Why does it make sense to have living benefits as well as a death benefit when it comes to your life insurance? Doug lays out the reasons why a person may wish to enjoy these living benefits.
  • What is the essential difference between tax-free and tax-deferred accumulation? Learn the importance of getting those taxes over and done with in order to enjoy tax-free accumulation and tax-free income.
  • Who benefits most from this approach to building your savings for the future? Doug reveals the reasons why people who are going the tax-deferred route face real concerns about outliving their savings.
  • How healthy must a person be to qualify for a tax-free IUL insurance contract? Doug explains how this particular contract can often be utilized, even if you’re not in perfect health.
  • Who are the five parties to a life insurance contract? Doug describes how the insurer, the insured, the owner of the policy, the payor who pays the premiums into the policy and finally, the beneficiary.
  • How can a person accumulate, access and transfer money tax-free? Doug explains how these insurance contracts are protected under the IRS Code and have been for more than a century.
  • And much, much more…

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