Biden-caused Inflation Will Double the Cost of Living in 5 Years, How to Outpace It

Doug Andrew has been a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for more than 48 years. This week’s episode is especially for anyone serious about optimizing their assets, minimizing their taxes and empowering their authentic wealth, this is an episode that will get you on your way.

Doug offers his take on inflation; something each of us is experiencing lately, every time we buy something. Doug has seen inflationary periods, throughout his lifetime, under a number of different presidential administrations. Today, he explains what the Biden administration is doing to the purchasing power of every dollar in the economy.


  • Why do government number crunchers change key inflation measuring standards like the consumer price index? Doug spells out why the official numbers are being manipulated to hide the true costs of inflation.
  • How does shrinking purchasing power of every dollar you’ve saved impact your plans for a brighter future? This is a message of critical importance for anyone living on a fixed income.
  • What is taking place that robs each dollar of a portion of its purchasing power? Doug explains the true costs of reckless government spending and its ongoing printing of trillions of new dollars.
  • How do politicians bear responsibility for what’s happening to our currency? Doug calls out the politicians for their willingness to exploit crises to justify more out of control spending.
  • Why are these politicians’ “solutions” making things worse for everyone? Learn how the political class has picked up a habit of borrowing money with the promise that future taxpayers will repay it.
  • Should you be concerned about outliving your money during retirement? Doug shares his preferred savings vehicle and lays out how it protects against higher taxes, rising inflation and ongoing market volatility.
  • And much, much more…

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