Accumulating Your Fortune, 1 Shocking Example Why So Many People Miss Out

Accumulating your fortune isn’t something that happens by chance. You need to understand and apply the various tools and strategies that help you build and protect a mighty nest egg for your brighter future.

Each week, Doug Andrew shares, via his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel, the most important things he’s learned in nearly 50 years as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist. Today you’ll learn why so many people miss out on the fortune they could have had.


  • How might you miss out on accumulating your fortune? Doug explains the number one reason people end up wondering why they missed their opportunity.
  • What is the danger of following the herd when it comes to saving for retirement? Learn why the traditional advice so many people follow gives the false impression of safety in the crowd.
  • Why does Doug use the acronym FLAVOR to describe these lost opportunities? Doug spells out exactly how fortunes lost amid valid optimization & reallocation strategies.
  • How is using short-term investments for long-range goals and bad idea? Doug shares how where you’re accumulating your fortune matters more than you might think.
  • What makes tax-deferred accumulation a bad bet for anyone who wants to avoid outliving their money? Discover why tax-free accumulation gets those taxes over and done with for good.
  • Why does Doug prefer the LASER fund as a vehicle for accumulating your fortune? Once you understand the power of liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return, you’ll never settle for less.
  • And much, much more…

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