5 Reasons to Borrow Money Rather Than Withdraw Money from an IUL Policy

By February 28, 2022 [PODCAST]

Doug Andrew has learned a lot in his more than 48 years as a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist. In this episode, Doug will share some things about borrowing vs. withdrawing funds from an IUL policy that may just blow your mind.

Today, you’ll learn about why loan proceeds are income tax-free and they can be at a zero net cost. Once you understand this strategy, you can effectively be your own bank while protecting your money from higher taxes, inflation and market volatility.


  • What is Doug’s favorite vehicles for tax-free accumulation of money? Learn about the difference that a properly structured, max-funded Indexed Universal Life insurance contract can make.
  • Why is an IUL better, in most respects, than a tax-deferred vehicle like an IRA or 401(k)? Doug explains how a correctly structured IUL provides liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return.
  • How can a million dollar nest egg generate a 10% payout without depleting your principal? Doug shares the reasons why a max-funded, IUL is one way to enjoy tax-free income without conditions attached.
  • What are the 3 ways that you can access your money in an insurance contract? Doug describes the sad way, the dumb way and the smart way and explains what makes them so.
  • Why is it so important to have tax-free access to your money rather than going the tax-deferred route? Doug explains how understanding this difference may be the key to avoiding outliving your retirement savings.
  • How is it possible to borrow money from an IUL without getting hit for taxes? Discover how the IRS differentiates between a loan and income and how that can work in your favor.
  • And much, much more…

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