10 Financial Objectives for Which a Max-funded IUL Can Become the Dream Solution

Doug Andrew has been a financial strategist and retirement planning specialist for over 48 years. Each week on his 3 Dimensional Wealth YouTube channel, he posts in-depth answers to financial questions he’s been asked.

Doug’s longtime students and clients know that one of his favorite financial vehicles is the properly structured, maximum funded, indexed Universal life insurance contract. In today’s broadcast, you’ll learn why Doug often refers to it as his dream solution.


  • What is the LASER fund and why does Doug prefer it over other financial vehicles. Learn how you can enjoy liquid assets safely earning predictable rates of return.
  • Why is a max-funded IUL useful as more than just a retirement planning tool? Doug explains how this savings vehicle can be a veritable Swiss Army knife that has all kinds of financial uses.
  • What makes this instrument such a wise choice in a time when taxes are headed ever higher? Learn how the max-funded IUL has become a protected part of the Internal Revenue Code for generations.
  • How does tax-free savings make more sense than by going the tax-deferred route? Doug shares the benefits of benefits of tax-free accumulation and access versus deferring those taxes to a later time.
  • What is the difference between life insurance that provides a death benefit compared to life insurance that also provides a living benefit? Doug explains the ways that properly structured life insurance can be utilized for life goals as well as a payout when your life is over.
  • Why should you be working now to counter the dangers of higher taxes, rising inflation and ongoing market volatility? Doug warns that people who fail to do this run a very real risk of outliving their savings.
  • And much, much more…

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