How to Move from Inspiration to Motivation to Implementation

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Hi, Doug Andrew here.

Recently, in a 10XTalk post by Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish, two of my friends and mentors, they explained and featured a presentation I gave in New York at the Genius Network.

I’ll never forget that evening in New York. The audience gave me a standing ovation for my presentation titled, “Inspiration to Motivation to Implementation.”


Joe and I had dinner one night, about a month before that event. We were talking about how so many people go to events like that, and they’ll pay $10,000 or $25,000, and they’ll sit there and get inspired. Sometimes, they’re motivated, but the implementation is the hardest part.

I told Joe I wanted to share how to move to implementation because I’m writing a book called “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.” The average American, between Halloween and New Year’s, gains about 12 pounds because of all the goodies that are delivered.

In January, everybody gets inspired and motivated to join a gym or hire a nutritionist or eat better or work out. The gyms are packed January 2nd but by mid-February, they’re like ghost towns. Where did everybody go?

The implementation is the hardest part.


One of the key concepts I taught in that talk is the difference between exponential growth and linear growth.

Linear is if I were to take 20 steps. It’s just 20 steps.

But what if I doubled the number of steps every time I took a step? Many times, I’ll illustrate this by giving people a sheet of copy paper and asking them to fold the sheet of paper in half and then fold it in half again.

I ask them to imagine folding this sheet of paper in half 48 more times, for a total of 50 times. (You can’t physically do that because of the folds.) Then I ask them to write down and estimate of how thick they think that would be.

CPAs and tax attorneys, people who use numbers all day long, will write down “a quarter of an inch” or “one inch.” Some of them will think, “I understand compound interest; this has got to be maybe four inches.”

What’s it doing every time you fold it over? It’s doubling.

This sheet of copy paper that’s .005 of an inch thick, doubled 20 times is 1,048,000 times thicker. Fifty times, would be from here to the sun—93 million miles high.

And if you could fold it over one more time, it would be from here to the sun and back!

All because it’s doubling. Exponential growth is what you achieve when you learn to implement.


Many times, the professionals I coach, doctors and dentists, they go to college and they learn how to analyze data, x-rays, blood tests. They take information and their knowledge they learned in school and then they recommend a treatment.

What we learned at that event is that you have to redefine your life and your business about every seven years, or you will be out of business.

I went home and I recorded 100 hours in my library, because I had to redefine new things, new developments, or else be out of business.


  • How to analyze often
  • What’s the smallest change that we can make for the greatest impact?
  • Who are we missing?
  • How can we arm our recommenders to easily defend with pride why they engaged with us?

Those little things that take us from just being inspired and being motivated to implementing in our companies and redefining is what gives you exponential growth—and you can be “10X more” in your business about every five years.



  • Go All the Way to Implementation – While inspiration and motivation can get you started, don’t let it end there. Do what it takes to implement new strategies and powerful principles that lead to greater success.
  • Pursue Exponential Growth – When you make implementation a habit, you can consistently achieve exponential growth—which will put you much farther ahead than mere linear growth.
  • Redefine Your Life & Business – If you keep doing the same old thing, providing the same old services, you will stagnate—or worse, lose out completely. To thrive in life and in business, redefine yourself every seven years or so. By maintaining this kind of progress and momentum, you can achieve 10X success.

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